Fair Line was founded in 1989 by Gabriella Centomo with the aim of offering the widest choice of 14kt gold jewelry and conveying the value of the jewel Made In Italy. A production site was set up in 1999 boosting the distribution activity in order to develop and offer exclusive and tailored jewelry.

Fair Line is now committed to apply the traditional skills of Italian’s craftsmanship to the new values acknowledged by the market and its consumers worldwide. Fair Line stands as a center of excellence for all those who seek the widest range of 14kt gold jewelry in Vicenza, the heart of goldsmith’s tradition.

We represent over 80 different suppliers, all of them manufacturing in Italy, that’s one of the reasons our company obtained the ISO 9001:2015, a European certification that certifies the quality of all company processes and procedures in order to guarantee cutting-edge products and services to our customers.

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Fair Line’s commitment to foreign markets has always characterized our activity: on the one hand our wide portfolio of products has represented the most valuable service we can provide to our customers, on the other hand our experienced workshop develops tailored jewelry to distinguish ourselves through our own exclusive collections.

b2b.fairline.it was born to cater to the new challenges posed by the contemporary technology and competition. Considering the market trend over the past 10 years, we witness nowadays a complete revolution of the jewelry sector, due to the general decreasing in the worldwide trade, the shrinking of the Italian stronghold and the progressive fall of traditional business practices. This in turn led to the need for modern companies to adjust to the new market conditions arisen, which impose high turnover of merchandise, relevant accuracy in terms of weight and designs according to the targeted markets and significant flexibility in the service provided.

Following this adjustment path, Fair Line needed to update its services in order to keep up with fierce competition and to support our established customer basis along the purchase process.

For those of you who know us, the present platform simply allows you to go through our portfolio of products and create your own selection, enough said.

For those of you who don’t know us yet, we wanted to take our best competitive advantage vis-à-vis our competitors and make it available online for you. You will be granted access to a selection of 14k jewels from which you can make your own pick.